How Shear Testing Used To Be Done And Why Modern Methods Are Better

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Once upon a time, no one tested metal products to see if they would hold up. In fact, that is how many swords and daggers ended up broken in battle. Eventually, blacksmiths figured out how to make stronger metal, steel, and how to test it for strength. That testing involved repeatedly striking metal products with objects to see if the metal products would hold up.

Fast forward and you'll see that machines were developed to twist, hammer, drop, strike and attempt to bend metal products. That certainly proved better, but nothing was as good as what modern technology would bring. Now you have machines made for shear testing that can do multiple tests all at the same time on the same piece of metal. Here is how modern technology has made this type of testing even better.

Many Metal Items Have to Withstand More Than Just Force

Think about it; some metal items have to withstand compression and extreme heat. Other metal products have to undergo extreme cold and repeated ramming forces. Taking that into consideration, shearing test machines have been developed that duplicate these conditions perfectly. The machines can even be programmed for exact temperatures, types of forces, and typical conditions!

Humans Only Have to Push Buttons

If you hand a metal rod to a human being and ask that he or she continually strike a surface with equal force, guess what happens? That person will initially strike with similar force, but weaken as time goes on. You do not get an accurate measurement of the force delivered to demolish the metal rod.

However, inside a modern testing machine, the machine never wavers or tires. It repeats the test until a conclusion is made or until the object breaks. Repeated trials of the exact same test could never be done with just brute human strength, but a machine can help you draw the correct conclusion about a series of metal products. Best of all, nobody gets hurt from the tests because humans only have to push the buttons to program the shear testing machines.

Test Results Go Faster

Usually, going faster on something results in, well, poor results. Yet, modern shear testing machines have made it possible to test products faster to produce better results than any of the, um, old-fashioned methods. If you have any metal products you would like tested for strength, durability, and weak spots, contact a research company that provides shear testing.


31 December 2017

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